Авторское право

Intellectual property law covers a whole range of processes, ideas and inventions. It gives protection not only to the creators, owners and authors against infringement but also members of the public who rely on the safety, reliability and authenticity of the products.

The purpose of this article is not to provide a detailed study of the various Intellectual Property rights but to give a brief outline of the different types of rights, the laws regulating their existence and the protection that they afford.

Cyprus is a signatory to a number of Treaties and follows the latest Intellectual Property laws, bringing the country into line with the acquis communautaire and the international Intellectual Property laws.

We are well-trained to carry out trademark registrations both in Cyprus and under the European trademark system in Alicante as well as through WIPO and we also undertake infringement litigation cases.

Cyprus is also attractive for businesses that develop IPs due to a very beneficial tax regime (IP Box) whereby the effective tax rate can be reduced to 2,5%.