European Union Law

As of 1 May 2004, Cyprus became a full member of the European Union. One of the principles of EU law is that the legislation of its member states should not infringe the acquis communitaire, i.e. the EU laws. While national legislation of the member states can still have its own features, the EU law will always prevail over it for the purpose of bringing all member states up to an equal footing. After this, some amendments to the national legislation were made, affecting not only the operation of Cypriot organizations but also that of international companies which have been incorporated under Cyprus law. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of EU legislation and expertise in advising on various EU legal issues, representing individuals and organisations in the local courts and at the European Court of Justice.

Some of our cases in this field include:

• Farmanet v. Reuters: 20 Million Euro Claim must be tried in Cyprus

• A Cypriot businessman brought to Cyprus under a European Arrest Warrant held to be innocent for charges of forgery and theft of millions of CYP pounds