Market Research

We work side-by-side with our clients on strategic planning, expansion to new markets, change management and organizational transformations to create meaningful changes in their business, organization and society. In our work, we offer the best strategy practices and experience gained across many countries and industries.

We gather and analyze external and internal information in order to deliver valuable insights for decision-making of our clients. We perform market research, product market research, attitude market research, public policy research and evaluations of public policy reforms. We also provide for development of economic and business research and evaluation for organisations of both governmental and private sectors. Through such research we provide valuable input in solution of the problem as well as we assist the companies to identify new markets and new partners.

Our expertise:

  • strategic consulting (business planning and business strategy development, evaluation of field performance and suggestions)
  • research (economic research, market reviews, general industry analysis, research of legal and business environment)