A Cypriot businessman brought to Cyprus under a European Arrest Warrant found to be innocent of charges of forgery and the theft of millions of Cyprus pounds


After a successful but arduous legal battle, the law office of Georgiades & Mylonas successfully managed to quash the criminal proceedings against their client, a 52-year old Cypriot businessman who was brought to Cyprus after a European Arrest Warrant was issued against him and executed in Germany. In particular, the Cypriot authorities charged the Cypriot businessman with seven counts of forgery and theft of an alleged amount of approximately 1,200,000 Cyprus pounds. The accused, through his lawyer, Yiannos Georgiades, applied for the immediate stay of the criminal proceedings against him, claiming that the Cypriot authorities had acted in breach of European legislation (see European Arrest Warrant Framework decision, incorporated in Cyprus by the European Arrest Warrant Law) with regard to the proceedings relating to the issuing of a European Arrest Warrant.

Georgiades stated that his client was extradited to Cyprus contrary to the European rules of the European Arrest Warrant and in particular, in breach of the Rule of Specialty and that the Cypriot authorities had not complied with the time limits laid down in the relevant rules within which the arrested person must be extradited to the Member State which requested his extradition. The adjudicating judge accepted the arguments put forward by the accused’s lawyers and found that indeed the charges against him were substantially different from the charges stated on the indictment and that the accused had been brought to Cyprus illegally and in particular, in breach of the relevant European legislation. As a result, the Court acquitted the accused of all the charges against him

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